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Nutrition, Exercise, and Mental Health, just to name a few, are some of the important aspects of overall health and fitness. Follow the menu below to explore these topics and more!

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Let’s get in touch There are many times in life where you need advice. Here you and your peers can share, listen, and provide support. If this is an emergency call the Mental Health Hotline by dialing or texting #988 Reach out to Ventura High School Counselors for support… See what others are saying… Start the Conversation Share your experiences anonymously and…

RUN FASTER & JUMP HIGHER Training & Techniques

Though some people are built with natural capabilities for speed or jumping, there are many athletes that surpass them by developing and training their bodies properly. Some natural runners and jumpers get lax because things come so easy for them, leaving opportunity for others to surpass them. They get left behind to those who are persistent with their training. Regardless of your…