Banking is such an important career; you get to work first hand with clients to provide them the completion or foundations of their dreams and goals. For many this is a learning how to save money, investing, or even helping them with Taxes. Whatever division you work in, remember that your career is helping and changing lives for the better!

Here’s a video to figure out if a career in finance might be right for you:


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Students who are interested in Banking can get started now! Check out internships that offer training skill development, as well as volunteer opportunities in the field. Be sure to follow people on social media that encourage your financial literacy such as Tori Dunlap with Her First 100k and The Treasury App. As well as people like Your Rich BFF on Tiktok! You can also watch videos by Nash Theo to learn more about Careers in Finance!

Interested in learning about Investment Banking? Check out the video below:

Here is a great list of Finance jobs as well as salary expectations for each!

Career Prep

Want to find out what careers you might like? Take this quiz! Or see more quizzes below! When preparing for a career it is important to talk to trusted adults, counselors and teachers to explore career ideas! Remember, don’t be so focused on making money that you forget to make a life. Make money to…


There is no time like the present to get started with planning a career! Here are some great options to give you some ideas for possible careers; Remember the options are limitless! Click on the “Menu” Below, or click on any of the Buttons! Click Here to see More Great Career Sites Continue the Conversation…

Career Training

Not all careers require college. If you are thinking about jumping into a creer right after high school, Check out this series to find out great information on a lot of careers:

More Careers

There are so many Career Options that you can Choose from, check out this playlist with many “Day in the Life” Videos of Careers: Check out more Career Articles on Indeed